Family Phone Has The Service
That Fits Your Needs

Lower your telephone costs. Reduce the number of phone bills you have to track. Move to a different city or state and keep your phone number. Give up your landline but not the phone number.

Family Phone is the answer!

We believe in giving the best service possible when it comes to serving our customers.

  • ParkMyPhone / ParkMy800 - We provide an inexpensive way to keep your phone numbers. Choose between Deep Freeze Service, Voice Mail Service, and Call Forwarding Service.
    • Deep Freeze Service - Holds your number indefinitely until you are ready to use it. Callers will hear a prerecorded message stating that the number is parked with Family Phone. The number remains yours for future use.
    • Voice Mail Service - Customize your outbound greeting and your callers can leave a voice mail message. The audible file will be sent to your email address.
    • Call Forwarding Service - Your inbound calls are forwarded seamlessly to any U.S., Canadian, or Skype phone number.
  • ParkMyFax - moving? Want to pay less for fax service? if you have a fax number that you'd like to keep, park it with us and receive all your faxes via email for the fraction of the cost!
  • Consolidate Phone Lines - too many phone bills to pay? Consolidate your phone lines! Give up the costly land lines, have all your calls forwarded to your cellphone or other phone!

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