Family Phone Has The Service That Fits Your Needs

If you'd like to cut back on your telehphone costs. If you have too many phone bills to pay. If you talk internationally. If you're moving to a different city, state or country. If you are ready to give up your landline but not the phone number.

Family Phone is the answer!

We believe in giving the best service possible, no effort is too much when it comes to serving our customers. We also believe in honesty, and in being upfront with our customers. Everyone can find services that suits their needs.

  • ParkMyPhone / ParkMy800 - moving but want to to keep your telephone number? Our ParkMyPhone services are for you. An inexpensive way to keep your phone numbers and even receive calls on another telephone. For as low as $5/Mo we will keep your number and you get to decide how you want your calls to be processed when they come in. Now we can port Canadian and Hawaiian numbers too!
  • ParkMyFax - moving? Want to pay less for fax service? if you have a fax number that you'd like to keep, park it with us and receive all your faxes via email for the fraction of the cost!
  • Consolidate Phone Lines - too many phone bills to pay? Consolidate your phone lines! Give up the costly land lines, have all your calls forwarded to your cellphone or other phone!
  • TalkLocal - International Calls - for people who have friends and/or relatives abroad. It is a cost effective solution for international calls. Your friends and family can call you and pay only the price of a local call. You can receive calls on any US phone number.

Questions? Suggestions? Call Us NOW: 1-877-ParkMy800 (877-727-5698)
A sales representative will be happy to help you

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